The dream of every lass! The essence of all gentlemen! The better full, one awaits half of their lives for. We get the best memoirs clicked for your day!

We get you frames to hang on your walls for the upcoming generations to believe; in love.


Gigantic or it be nugatory; reminiscence is a must. We understand your requisites, da' vogue is necessary! We get you covers you can boast around the venue!

Plus, the mandatory event pane in your corporate newsletter.


Who doesn't want to get clicked? The one hunk, who always wants to hit the fame button! The wave of the inner-self! The first step to ride the limo is with a face directors could immediately put their cast money on.

We get you the immediate shots to board in.

Content Creation

Well, prescribing to one part of the doctrine and covering pictures to brief on sensical meanings, we also are in the favor of getting them treaty captions. Blending the perfect words with the right amount of saturation, can bring in magic beyond that enigmatic stature of the picture 

When the biggest day of your life is approaching, one that you have dreamed of for years, won't you want to remember them all, all the lights and curtains, bells and robes and halls and guests, for the rest of your life? Years from now, when you would want to walk down memory lane to this day won't you want to be overwhelmed by the perfection and imperfection of it? We, at Pik-a-shoot, have a reputation for understanding those emotions. Capturing them is our passion and we, are recognized for it.

We are Pik-a-Shoot!




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