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When the biggest day of your life is approaching, one that you have dreamed of for years, won't you want to remember them all, all the lights and curtains, bells and robes and halls and guests, for the rest of your life? Years from now, when you would want to walk down memory lane to this day won't you want to be overwhelmed by the perfection and imperfection of it? We, at Pik-a-shoot, have a reputation for understanding those emotions. Capturing them is our passion and we, are recognized for it.

We are Pik-a-Shoot!


The Process

Pre-Wedding Consultation

The very step is deciding your photographer. And that's an important step to note.

Every detail is noted.


The packages have been decided, the groom's ready and so is the bride.

This is officiated.


The day is meticulously planned and pinned to the board. We craft the precise function.

Creativity is imploded here.


We are quick on our delivery notes and every commitment that we took notes of.

We sign off.

Photography Setup

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Contact Us

We're shooting at Pune currently.

Tel: +917972217865 / Email: hi@pikashoot.in

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