Good old chants and rituals

November 8, 2017

"Take my hand,

Take my whole life, too

For I can't help falling in love with you"



These lyrics perfectly belt out the bottom line of all possible marriage vows belonging to various cultures and traditions around the world. But when it comes to marriage, it is not only about the vows but the rituals that amplify the vows beautifully. After all, marriage is not only promising to love your partner for eternity. Marriage, to most cultures, is a sacred bond and that point in life when you're ready to take up the responsibility of another person, another soul. This makes it the most important day of your life. And it cannot pass off without a little grandeur and celebration, can it?



The big fat Indian wedding and its plethora of rituals makes it all the more memorable. Most Indian wedding rituals are based on Saptapadi, the seven vows.


According to common belief, marriages are made in heaven and two mortal souls are bound together for seven lives by this sacred bond. 

These seven vows are not only vows of being latched together for seven lives but if aggregated are simply the vows of loving each other, supporting each other and ,most importantly, growing together. What lies at the heart of this intricate design of rituals is the simple promise to love - unquenchably, undyingly, and unapologetically throughout time and eternity. Here lies the mystic aura of marriage rituals.

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